New broadcast communication: The telemegaphone

In a time when marketeers are nervously contemplating how to get their (no doubt very important and life-changing) messages out and furiously chasing their agencies to come up with the next big thing in creative ideas and media planning, the casual and laid-back Norwegians have taken broadcast communication to a whole new level: Telemegaphoning.
What's a telemegaphone? It's a loudspeaker sculpture on top of the Norwegian Bergskletten mountain; you call a number, the telemegaphone automatically answers incoming calls and projects the sound into the immediate surroundings - in this case across the fjord and valley. More info here.
Now, I really hope that there are criteria for what kind of messages are OK to howl out into the beautiful Norwegian nature. Birthday greetings seem OK; a McDonald's promotion does not.

Steve Sleeve

Have you seen this? The Steve Sleeve - fab, very clever and of course suited for MacBook Air.

Darts ahoy

There's a new sport in Denmark: Dart canoeing. You plonk yourself in a canoe and then you paddle a short distance to then throw darts at a dart board. And then you paddle another short distance to throw yet more darts at another dart board. And so on and so forth. A bit like ski shooting (also an odd sport). More here (in Danish only).
I wonder how many people are passionate about both canoeing and darts?

Google invests in electric cars

Fell over this interesting article the other day in Business Week. Google is investing in electric cars. Google and electric cars, you say? Google is spreading its investments beyond software however, there's a definite plan, in fact a vision that within the foreseeable future, transportation will be networked through not only software but also a power grid. Interesting stuff. California based Project Better Place which aims to create an electric car operator network is hopefully paying attention as there seems to be matching interests here.