Honesty, passion, competence

Honesty, passion, and competence. These were the three values that underpinned the Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page tells us in the documentary It Might Get Loud about the three guitarists Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White. To me, it sounds like many corporations and organisations could learn something.

Will it do or die?

Tell me what you think: Is this old hat and will Octone vanish when the sales do the same or is it a different approach that will survive in the industry? The Plan To Save the Music Biz.

Thinking man

Last night I watched a program on TV where a sociologist was asked about the characteristics of the 2010's man. She said well-rounded, comfortable with both the 'male' and 'female' sides of himself, sensitive and also not afraid of cutting through whenever necessary. She names Obama as an example of this type of man. I agree.
But I think she's missing a key attribute which Obama possesses in abundance: Intelligence and the ability to think - and being very comfortable with that. And isn't this about time? After all, we're homo sapiens.