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Free your mind and your assets will follow

Jon Bains has written an insightful and entertaining post on his blog about media-neutral marketing. Well, actually it's about looking for inspiration beyond the immediate, un-terming familiar terms, and breaking the habits while retaining the DNA of the brand. He titles it Analog to Digital Conversion and here it is.
Jon co-founded digital creative agency Lateral in the mid 90s and I had the pleasure of working with him and his crew for several years when I was at Levi's.

Wu Tang Clan vs The Beatles

"Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers" is a remix album incorporating Wu Tang Clan a capellas and Beatles songs, and produced by Tom Caruana.

So, not unlike the Dangermouse Grey Album which of course mixed Jay-Z's Black Album and The Beatles' White Album.

But - unlike the Grey Album - this one features remixes/covers of Beatles songs, not originals. I love The Beatles and this is a really cool combo, with great vocals by Kelis to boot. The album can be downloaded for free at the record company's website.